premium dark chocolate sauce crafted with love in New England



Fudge Everything is sweet on quality ingredients crafted one jar at a time. Try it hot. Try it cold. Dress up your desserts with our irresistible, artisan dark chocolate sauce. Share with friends or savor it all yourself.  Get crafty with your own creative confections, go traditional atop ice cream or whip out a jar and grab a spoon. The choice is up to you.


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Our artisan dark chocolate sauce will come straight to you, wherever you are, for a mere $12 per jar. In fact, for every jar you purchase, you save, so grab a spoon (or two)! Bring it to parties, give it as gifts, share with your family or keep it all to yourself. Wherever you go, whatever you do, you can rest assured that everyone loves our sauce.


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all real ingredients. gluten free. no corn syrup. artisan fudge.







Everyone loves our sauce!  Find out why here

"I always eat it like this."

Abby Lee | Houston, TX