Q: How good is this sauce?

A: The sauce is so freaking good, you can't say no.

Q: I really, really like chocolate. Will this satisfy my cravings?

A: Calling all chocoholics: Fudge Everything is the only thing you need. It will absolutely satisfy all your cravings. Indulge yourself. We won't tell.


Q: If I open a jar in the middle of the night and no one sees me taking a spoonful, does it count?

A: According to Fudge Everything science: No.


Q: I am worried if I keep a jar in the house, I will eat the whole thing.

Q: I see your tag line is "Grab a Spoon." Is it okay to use my finger?

Q: Sometimes I get a yummy crunchiness in the sauce. Is that... could that be candy?



A: It's okay. It's cheaper than therapy.


A: Absolutely.


A: Sort of. We do not use corn syrup, so some of the sugar might re-crystallize - giving it a candy crunch texture.