Meet Anne and Debbie


Chocolate makes people happy.

Anne and Debbie are not your typical entrepreneurs. Fond memories of eating ice cream doused in rich, delicious chocolate sauce homemade by Mom prompted them to take a childhood recipe and enhance it.

Their friendship began on the tennis court, but a mutual love of cooking (read: eating) and combined experience in sales, marketing and start-ups catapulted them into their quest to please the masses with their ever-delectable fudge sauce, Fudge Everything.

Anne and Debbie use high quality ingredients like cream, premium cocoa powder and butter. They never use any corn syrup or preservatives with crazy, multi-syllabic names. This sauce might make you do a few extra lunges at the gym, but it's worth it.



You love it, We LOVE it

We pride ourselves on the magic of Fudge Everything. You can find us at farmer's markets and events far and wide across New England, and our typical customer reactions are something along the lines of, "Oh my God," "This is AMAZING" and the ever-popular, "Oh, you two are evil. This stuff is dangerous." Our customers are right. Fudge Everything is dangerously delicious. 

For Every Occasion 

If you've had a bad day, we've got the cure. It's cheaper than therapy. Fudge Everything is for every occasion. Breakfast, lunch, dinner — and especially late night. Try it spread over your favorite ice cream or drizzled on pretzels. Fudge Everything pairs wonderfully with sweets and salts alike. If you have to ask, "Should I put fudge on this?" Just fudge it — and grab a spoon!

Whether you pour it, bake it, dip it or lick it, we guarantee you’ll grab a spoon - or two!